Photographer: Christian Gould

Geoff Hudson - Guitar/Vocals

Geoff found his interest in music when he was 11 years old. His dad was also a musician.  Geoff decided after attending Mohawk college for music in the spring of 2013 that he wanted to see Europe, and record an album. He bought a collapsible guitar and a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. That was the last time anybody saw him. 

Jill McKenna - Bass

Jillian McKenna is an upright bassist from Hamilton, Ontario. She began playing the upright in grade 9 of high school, and hasn’t put it down since. Throughout high school she played with various groups of friends, as well as the Senior Jazz Ensemble. McKenna was recognized with musicianship awards, as well as the HSC Graduating Music Award, and the Jim Campbell Award for excellence in both the arts and athletics in her final year. After graduating high school McKenna decided to pursue her musical education in the Applied Music Program at Mohawk College. There she was able to study with incredible faculty members, including her private instructor Pat Collins, and become apart of the Hamilton music scene. She has been playing around the Greater Hamilton Area with various jazz groups, big bands, bluegrass groups, and accompanying vocalists for the past 2 years. In the fall McKenna will be moving to Manhattan to begin her studies at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.  

Photographer: Brian Berneker 

Photographer: Christian Gould

Ben Bowen - Trumpet

As a musician Ben Bowen has worn many hats. Better-known around Toronto as a horn player with bands like Great Aunt Ida, Ronley Teper, the Book of Gnomes, and A Northern Chorus (among the 30-odd artists with whom he has recorded), in the last few years he has spent a good deal of his time singing and playing music to and with young children, and even opened for Fred Penner in 2011. He has played guitar and trumpet for over 25 years, studied jazz at Humber College and York University, and in the last while has begun to connect with musicians local to Hamilton, including the Geoff Hudson Band, of which he became an active member in the spring of 2015.